Free Services

Pregnancy Tests

The first step in engaging women who come to our center is a pregnancy test.  Since most women who come though our doors are anxious about a possible pregnancy, this service is a foundation stone of our ministry.

Ultrasounds to Qualified Clients

It is always our goal to encourage a life-affirming decision, a healthy pregnancy and a healthy a baby! The ultrasound program provides an opportunity for our clients to see their unborn babies. We are able to confirm a viable pregnancy, the gestational age of their unborn baby and make a referral for medical care.

Crisis Pregnancy Support

The center’s Client Advocates are trained to help women, family members and fathers-to-be in crisis. They listen and encourage, providing insight and always demonstrate deep concern and compassion.

Post Abortion Support

Women who have experienced an abortion often suffer deeply, and they need to understand and receive the forgiveness and grace that can only come from God. Our groups provide a safe confidential setting where they can find healing from a past abortion and look forward to a brighter future.

Adoption Referrals

Birth moms who are interested in considering an adoption plan for their babies will be provided a safe environment to explore this option. We are not an adoption agency, but provide referrals to licensed adoption agencies. As the client has need we will provide on-going emotional and practical support before, during and after the adoption.

Referrals for Services

Our clients have so many needs that no single organization can meet them all. We maintain a referral network of other professional agencies for services such as low-cost medical care, foster care, housing and adoption services, legal aid, financial assistance and educational and vocational planning.

Bright Course

Pregnancy and parenting are filled with lots of uncertainties. The BrightCourse program helps to answer many of the questions and ease the anxiety. This program helps our clients understand what to expect during pregnancy and beyond. They earn “Mommy Money” coupons that can be used to purchase baby clothes and other much needed items from our closet. Thanks to the donations of generous individuals, we are able to supply these items to our clients.