Banquet 2023

Our 15th Annual Fundraising Banquet was an incredible evening!

Our dearly loved by all founder, Diane, passed the baton to our Executive Director, Stefy. It was a bittersweet moment because we are sad to know that Dave and Diane will be moving to Michigan soon, but we are happy that they will be with their family, and we are excited for the future of our ministry as Stefy takes the reins.

Our guest speaker, Rebekah Hagan, gave an impactful speech that educated many on what the abortion pill is and how it destroys lives. And we heard her beautiful testimony of saving her son's life thanks to abortion pill reversal. We were so glad to hear the truth (that the abortion pill is dangerous, and reversal exists and is safe and that over 4,500 healthy children are alive today because their moms sought out reversal after taking the first abortion pill) which the abortion industry doesn't want us to know. It was so great to hear the wonderful outcome of Rebekah's story and to see the pictures of her beautiful family.

The banquet was mostly made a success because of the amazing turnout of pro-life warriors that are supporting us through prayer, volunteering, and donations. We had 215 guests in attendance and had almost 20 people sign up to receive our prayer request texts bringing the total to almost 200 awesome warriors! Praise God! Truly, we thank God every day for those who encourage us and allow us to continue showing these moms the love, grace, and respect they deserve and need.